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"IT'S YOUR BODY" Booklet
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"IT'S YOUR BODY" Booklet
SKU: 40285

Great GIFT for your group AND yourself!


1-24 Booklets $5.99 ea. Frontrunner-Members $5.74 ea. 25-59 $5.69 ea Frontrunner-Members $5.46 ea.

*SAVE MORE! 60-119 $ 5.39 ea. Frontrunner-Members SAVE $5.22 ea.

120-199 $5.09. Frontrunner-Members $4.94 ea. [*200 OR MORE ask for quote.]

Great for building PV using ‘interactive classes’ or as a handout! Informative 60 page booklet 6x8 size offers an easy to understand, light-hearted introduction to the holistic approach to health.

Very popular resource for workshops and discussion groups, including weight loss. *MORE DETAILS & CHAPTER SUBJECTS... just click on picture at left.

“Draw people in – Create excitement!” Great idea that created huge results for people when it was first released in 2013… UPDATED in 2016. Hear from a Master Coordinator on how to effectively increase your Shaklee business... “Thank you for the ‘It's Your Body, What do You Know About It?’ Booklets!” …

*HOW TO USE: “I have been using the Booklets as the center of a 4-hour Nutrition Course. I charge $5 to help cover cost of the booklet--and start the course at 10 am, with a potluck lunch at noon, then going to 3 pm. This course has been so well received - friends & customers are excited to learn!"

"The format is simple. We sit around a table and I begin by thanking everyone for coming to learn how their bodies can either continue on a slide to premature death or to begin their climb on the ladder of better health. We go through the booklet--and discuss how the information is enlightening each person — then I use the ‘WHY Do I Feel This Way’ book (new revised edition for 2017 is available now, Update Set avail. to Download11/16/17) - which is a perfect Reference book for details on all the Shaklee products & questions that people ask."

"The people who have gone through the course are now setting up classes of their own with their friends! I also introduce Shaklee 180 (now would be:) Life Plan -- what a lovely way to simply show others how they too can share information with others and help so many.”

* Many others have discovered that people LOVE t...

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PDF version of the Coloring Book "THE VITAMIN KIDS"
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PDF version of the Coloring Book "THE VITAMIN KIDS"
SKU: 79001

*Printed is SOLD OUT, but you can order this Electronic version - a pdf that you can email or print out.

Description: Great nutrition teaching tool - Coloring and Activity Book! Cute illustrations and large letters to color in... leads kids to the basics on nutrition and what vitamins are + their importance. Interactive questions like "List 5 Healthy Foods", "Who needs supplements?" and why they help everyone! Book has 32 pages, 7x9 size.

*PDF version to download for $8.90, and if Frontrunner CD Subscriber/Member it’s only $7.90 (Remember, the Fontrunner savings price won't show on web order but is automatically done when we process your order in our office). *We'll email the PDF to you as an attachment to download.

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