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IT'S BACK!! The MOST POPULAR and EFFECTIVE brochure for starting customers on SHAKLEE's uniquely wonderful HOUSEHOLD products! This is an *UPDATED* publication, and popular because it is so effective for convincing parents to change their shopping habits. Even though it doesn't mention Shaklee products, it lays the perfect groundwork and reasoning for choosing non-toxic cleaners! Excellent *FOLLOW UP and/or *Recruiting piece to use with new or previous customers.

"LET'S STOP POISONING OUR CHILDREN"... Full-color brochure is packed with hard-hitting information about common cleaning chemicals that every parent should know - dangerous for adults and children alike... yet it is short and easy to read in just a few minutes. These pamphlets are inexpensive to buy, share, and mail, so please don't let any parent you know go without this information any longer. Note: color of brochure is now an EYE CATCHING fresh royal blue - coordinates beautifully with household colors!

Some excerpts: -- "More children die of accidental poisoning than are accidentally killed with guns." -- "The Consumer Product Safety Commission found 150 common household chemicals that have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer, and psychological abnormalities." -- "With regard to lung function, using common household cleaners as little as once per week equates to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day." -- "The EPA reports toxic chemical vapors are often up to ten times higher indoors than outdoors and can lead to cancer, organ failure, or nervous system damage." -- "Every year five to ten million household poisonings are reported. Many are fatal, and most of the victims are children." -- "The Consumer Product Safety Commission determined that common cleaning products are some of the most dangerous substances in the home."

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