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CDs - TOP 21 Program

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  CDs - TOP 21 Program

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TOP 21 CD SET + Literature
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TOP 21 CD SET + Literature
SKU: 50320

CURRENT ALTERNATIVE - use the two newer "9 Pack" ... OR 6 Packs: "Health Concerns" and "Product Favorites" - Go to Category "DVDs & Specialty CDs" to see these items!

�TOP 21 CD PROGRAM� � NOTE: THESE ARE OLDER TITLES, so use the Packs above.. OR create your own selection in Category CDs- Frontrunner. Simple and organized way to find NEW people for your Shaklee group or to help educate & increase product usage in your current group or customers. CDs are some of the most popular talks in our library � keeping some of the favorite 'classics'! The Set also includes FREE Literature pack to help you with the Program. The *LIST of CD TITLES click on picture ON LEFT, then click on link for *LITERATURE - top sheet shows all the titles but *note that prices are now as shown below.

1-2 Sets $48.75 per set. 3-4 Sets $45.75 per set. 5-9 Sets $39.75. 10 OR MORE, please ask us

"Frontrunner-Members" SAVE $$!! 1-2 Sets $45.75 per set. 3-4 Sets $40.75 per set. 5-9 $36.75 per set. 10 OR MORE, please ask us. This Frontrunner-Member discount WON'T show on your order, but it's corrected automatically if you're a current Frontrunner-Member. [to join, go to Category "Frontrunner Membership"]

Price: $48.75

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