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HEALTHQUEST Newsletter Subscription
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HEALTHQUEST Newsletter Subscription
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NEW "YOUTH" for Skin Care & New "PERFORMANCE" for Every-Day FITNESS - NEW HealthQuest for Sept! Perfect issue for your current customers AND help you find NEW people! Presents & clarify the details... HURRY before they're gone! Ships early Sept. [*Many orders, earliest ones sent 9/8 & 9/12. Subscriptions go Media, takes up to 7 working days. Orders go Priority, takes 3 days. Thank you for your patience!]

New 'YOUTH' Skin Care combines the best of Enfuselle with additional proprietary Shaklee nutrients, thus joining skin protection with anti-aging science - How do these work against aging skin? What is the Skin Age Index and How did the clinical trials prove the huge VALUE of Shaklee?

New 'PERFORMANCE' products added to the Fitness line - How are they different from the previous favorites - Why & How do they work? Not an athlete?....Shaklee has something new for every level of fitness.

Great news to share with your current customers and find NEW ones too! Research and facts by Dr. Frank Painter - DON'T MISS! Subscribe to HealthQuest Newsletter or order 50-pks - Issue 33-5. (ships early Sept).

NEW for July 1 is "THE DIGESTION BLUES", in stock NOW #33-4! *OR choose "STRESS Reduction & Supplements" #32-6... or "Hidden Gems" # 32-3... or "WEIGHT Mgmt" #33-1 - * let us know if you prefer one of these... use Notes box in Checkout Step 2, OR email us
*See descriptions - go to HealthQuest-Newsletter Category, and choose "Printed Issues".

NEW for *JULY - "THE DIGESTION BLUES" in stock NOW! ...We’ve all heard the old bromide that “You are what you eat”. Over the years, this expression has been adopted by various groups to support their approach to diet (or dieting), and during the 1960s it became the slogan for the macrobiotic (or whole food) movement, and has finally become identified with the concept of “healthy eating”.

I’d like to suggest a variant to this term: “You are whatever you can DIGEST”. In the long run, no matter what you put in your mouth, it won’t contribute to your health UNLESS you digest it properly. You may wonder: “Why is that?”

Digestive disorders can also be quite unpleasant, and they are awkward to discuss in “polite society”. This social stigma leaves people stranded, suffering from bloati...

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