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HEALTHQUEST Newsletter Subscription
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HEALTHQUEST Newsletter Subscription
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Subscribe to HealthQuest Newsletter or order 50-pks. It gets RESULTS - PV & ORDERS for YOU with this FULL-COLOR Newsletter! WHY HealthQuest for Your Newsletter?. . . for the SAME reason you take Shaklee - because of its commitment to excellence!

*STARTS current issue below OR CHOOSE... LET us know in notes, or email/call us. **There are *NO* dates on any newsletters, so you may use anytime in the future!

NEXT issue for March: "A HEALTHY HEART is a SMART-HEART!". Shaklee's approach to helping your heart - updated discussion about heart health with specific products - Shaklee has created 2 different ShartHeart programs, aimed at maintaining healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Discussion of heart disease, the #1 killer in America. *Ships late Feb.

"SAFETY of CONVENTIONAL SUPPLEMENTS" JAN. issue still in-stock. is certainly in question when you understand how the research is done. Jan. 2019 issue, 35-1, HURRY - getting **low** ! Dr. Painter examines how the scientific community and governing bodies affect what is in the marketplace. He proves the value of Shaklee with it's decades of independent study... bringing you supplements that really work and positively contribute to your health. Start with Jan. 2019 issue "SAFETY of Conventional Supplements" 35-1.... OR Nov issue #34-6 "NEW Products from Conference 2018".

*Also some left of of SEPT... "SUPPLEMENTATION for the PREVENTION OF DISEASE" Best 'Recruiting' info to INCREASE your Shaklee business! New research and studies on the high value of supplementation, the "BIG WHY!" Issue # 34-5. HURRY, getting low! This issue is the perfect introduction to any new member, and a friendly reminder to any established member who has become lax in their supplementation habits. Issue 34-5

ALSO available: NEW "YOUTH" for Skin Care & New "PERFORMANCE" for Every-Day FITNESS. Issue #33-5 New 'YOUTH' Skin Care combines the best of Enfuselle with additional proprietary Shaklee nutrients, AND NEW PERFORMANCE 'FITNESS' #33-5.

Hurry to SUBSCRIBE to the Printed issues, so you don't miss any issues. It's most economical to "Subscribe" for 3 or 6 issues (covers 6 or 12 months, since printed in the "Odd-numbered" months). Y...

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