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HEALTHQUEST Newsletter Subscription
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HEALTHQUEST Newsletter Subscription
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NEW issue: "Avoiding Neurodegenerative Diseases". This issue will review the research that supports the Shaklee approach for preventing NDDs and the studies that have shown how nutrients can reduce symptoms and improve performance for those who already suffer. Neurodegenerative diseases (NDDs) are a spectrum of disorders that attack brain and nervous tissue, interfering with coordinated muscle control and/or the ability to learn, think clearly, manage our emotions, or to access our memories. Issue #34-2. *Ships first week of March.

Still some left of current issue: "BUILDING BLOCKS OF HEALTH". HURRY - these will go fast! Covers the ALL-IMPORTANT "BASIC NUTRITION PROGRAM", then explains WHY EVERYONE needs it! It also reviews numerous targeted solutions for STRESS, DIGESTION, and NATURAL IMMUNITY. Some still left but *Hurry! Issue #34-1. *We'll start with this issue, *UNLESS you tell us otherwise (email or put in the Notes box when you order online.

Great time of year for this important topic! Share with your current customers and find NEW ones too! Research and facts by Dr. Frank Painter - DON'T MISS! Subscribe to HealthQuest Newsletter or order 50-pks - Issue 34-1. **There are *NO* dates on any newsletters, so you may use anytime in the future!

"COLDS & FLU" - some still left but HURRY TODAY! Very few left of issue #33-6.

NEW "YOUTH" for Skin Care & New "PERFORMANCE" for Every-Day FITNESS - HealthQuest for Sept! New 'YOUTH' Skin Care combines the best of Enfuselle with additional proprietary Shaklee nutrients, thus joining skin protection with anti-aging science - How do these work against aging skin? What is the Skin Age Index and How did the clinical trials prove the huge VALUE of Shaklee? New 'PERFORMANCE' products added to the Fitness line - How are they different from the previous favorites - Why & How do they work? Not an athlete?....Shaklee has something new for every level of fitness. Issue 33-5. (some still left!).

Hurry to SUBSCRIBE to the Printed issues, so you don't miss any issues. It's most economical to "Subscribe" for 3 or 6 issues (covers 6 or 12 months, since printed in the "Odd-numbered" months). You may also order 50-pks of different titles... go back to Category "Newsletters-HealthQuest" a...

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