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  Book - Why Do I Feel This Way


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"WHY Do I Feel This Way?" Book - *NEWEST 2017 Edition*
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"WHY Do I Feel This Way?" Book - *NEWEST 2017 Edition*
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Newest 2017 Edition - See how Sales Leaders use these books to have consistently HIGH PV and CREATE LOYALTY for many years! *TIPS FOR PV & BUSINESS BUILDING.... "We give a 'WHY Do I Feel This Way?' Book to all our new distributors. It is the greatest Training Resource available for Shaklee people and there is nothing else out there like it. We call it our "Nutritional Bible." "We buy a case of 15 at a time to have them readily available for our people to purchase for their new distributors or users." "This 300+ page book is one of the main reasons we run such HIGH PV every month. It proves to be a GREAT INVESTMENT because we get the cost of it back many times over!" ~ Jim & Loretta Chancellor, Colorado

Click HERE to download the NEW "COMPILATION UPDATE Set" for Oct 2018.

This most recent '2017 Edition' has MANY CHANGES AND UPGRADES since previous edition: fresh new look; all information and protocols updated [*newest products in Compilation Update Set to download using link above]; new protocol sections added; new health challenges added; new information discussed. BRAND NEW FEATURE added to address ACUTE CHALLENGES. What does this mean? The best way to explain is with the example of a headache. You have a headache right now that you wish to address versus you would like to address possible underlying causes for frequent headaches.

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The authors, Christine Gaber, RHN, and Charlene Day, RDC have done an amazing "work of art" with this very popular book and essential book that we all have enjoyed for many years everyone in Shaklee is immensely appreciative! We all thank them for their hard work and devotion to Shaklee science and products.

"Why Do I Feel This Way?" is so readable, concise, easy to understand, fun and practical. This comprehensive resource provides guidance for 100s of health concerns. The knowledge you gain will give you the confidence to make healthier choices so you may create a healthier you! You've always wanted to learn more about your body. You would love to understand and apply a holistic approach to support yo...

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